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Hey all,

I realize this front page hasn't been updated much, but the game and plots are still going strong.  I am going to try to make sure that it is kept up to date more frequently.  To that end, I will be seeking webmonkey assistance.  Thanks for your patience!


Schedule change

Hey guys,

Double check the calendar - our game dates are shifting by a week.  Let us know if there are any issues.  Thanks!



Game Update - 11/20/2010

The Sept has found itself bordered by two major wyrm threats:

AmGen Pharmaceutical Corporation is currently known as a Toxic Hellhole. Umbrally it is a morass of banes and ichor. Physically there is no known data. The CEO of AmGen is Malcom Porter. His COO is Tia Baxter. It is considered a prime threat as it is actively spreading.

Volk Media Group is headed by Alexei Volkov. It is currently believed to be a Hive in the making. It is, unequivocally, infested with banes and formori. Alexei Volkov is a sinister being, by umbral representation, and the Sept has him and his company under Surveillance from a nearby office building. This threat is considerable as it was once involved with a pack of Black Spiral Dancers and a fallen Corax. Only the fallen Corax yet lives. This threat is only secondary to AmGen due to its insular nature but it is widely regarded as the threat with the larger potential.

The Sept has new leadership:

Rhiannon challenged Jared for Alphaship and succeeded.

The Sept has new Packs:

Pack Perfect Circle under Ourobouros was formed from the schism of Sokhta's Sight; its members Rhiannon Agincourt, Arthur Dennison, and Darvya Regna.

Pack Fox's Bitches(except on Tuesdays which are unpaid vacation days because he can't afford the overtime in this trying economy) was formed from another piece of the fragments of Sokhta's Sight, Song of Life, Alex Furlex, and half of what remained of Venom when it split, Anya Denisof.

The Sept has several new members:
(OOC: I can't remember their names. Oh wells.)

Go and meet them!


Game Update- 10/9/10

You're Going to Need a Bigger Britta...

-Encounters of the Weird Kind: Strange lights were sighted over Westerly by citizens of the Ocean State.  It was discovered that the lights were not sighted from Block Island or the Hamptons, however further descriptions made it sound more like aurora borealis than a UFO.

-Have you heard the one about the Net Spider, Bane, and Garou walking into a water treatment plant...: Longest Night left to follow a lead, concerning some neighborhoods which seemed Wyrm tainted.  They eventually returned from their mission, looking haggard, bloodied, and beat up with the heads of skull pigs.  They informed the Alpha of a terribly tainted water treatment facility in Greenwich RI that had a rather large bane in it, as well as some suspected fomori.  The entire Sept and the Ghost Wolves left to confront the situation and made quick work of the large disgusting bane, and the fomori that came to guard it.  Eventually the weaver and net spiders were given the upper hand against the banes, and began working on repairing the umbral representation.

-Soon, Rhiannon and Longest Night will be departing for a trip to a deep umbral realm to acquire components for a fetish.


Game Update - 6/19/10

-A large shipment of unregistered weapons was discovered entering the area for sale to potential buyers belonging to a gang. Rather than taking the weapons, Gremlins were summoned and paid to destroy the weapons.

-A strange mission to drop off a package beneath 155 Westminster Street Providence was completed per order of the Alpha (Darvya). Beneath the florist shop there was a suspicious elevator that required riders to possess strange governmental I.Ds. The man smelled of Wyrm.

-There was another fire at another old mill in North Attleboro.

-A strange gelatinous substance covered the northern half of Hopkinton, just North of Rt 138. No one knows exactly what caused this strange phenomenon. As it turns out events like this have been reported since the 1300s. The “Star Jelly” was identified as being nonliving plant matter, however in the past the substances vary. It appears to be of the Wyld.

-The ‘vampire’ tunnels in (blanking on the town) are actually ghost tunnels. Caleb sees dead people.

-Aden challenged Darvya for Alphaship of the Sept. The method of resolution was combat, during which Darvya used silver bullets to partially down Aden. Soon after, Darvya’s honor was called to question. She relented to the challenge, and accepted the charge on her honor.

-Later on in the day Jared challenged Darvya for Alphaship. Again the method of challenge was combat. Jared was victorious in the fight, and Darvya submitted.


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